quarta-feira, 14 de março de 2012

...Just Compositions! (10)

I have hated for so long,
So many tears made me strong.
Tomorrow will bring another sun,
Chained to the waves i cannot run.

Do not tell me it's all right,
I can't believe, you are so blind!
Don't drop your head to this rage,
We still singing in this strange duet.

Silent nights,
Short lives,
Keep your eyes on the horizon
And maybe we can dream again.

Hold me in your arms,
Stay at my side.
I know that when you hold me
The wounds disappear.

Don't pretend that you're a rock,
I see the truth deep in your heart.
Like a crow without the dark
I'll seek the peace until i die.

Oh, long ago i was alone,
My empty grave once was my home.
Can you cast your fears away from us?

Don't give up,
You can carry on without me.
I have fallen with my lust.

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