sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2011

...Just Compositions! (08)

"Eternal Night"

Wake me up when that big star dies,
When the darkness take over the sky.
This isn't gonna end so fast,
The future is gone, just remains the past.
The cold is just inside,
We fight for the red moonlight,
There is no time to decline.

Glow, glow
Into the night,
You cannot touch
This evil light.
Run, run
To your real home,
It's time to repair
What we have done wrong.

Killing all of your dreams,
Your heart is so broken,
So you can't hear the screams.
You're getting possessed by the fear,
Please, try to resist,
So you can stay here.

You can't hold all this sorrow,
You're not so strong,
Just face tomorrow.
Now take your memories back,
'Cause this will end
And your heart will turn black.

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