segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2011

...Just Compositions! (04)

"Where is the Hell"

You stole my freedom,
You scratched the walls of my heaven.
My dreams are out of sight,
I will not live to see the winter.
Your sins are written on your bones,
I'll break my chains and show you ...

Where is the hell,
What is the real punishment.
All the pain I feel right now
Will spread all around us.

I see all your sadness hidden
In your frozen smile.
You need to let me go,
You need to set me free now.

Nobody will hear your screams,
A world with millions of lost souls
Condemned to eternal agony.

There still darkness around your cold grave,
You still have time to forgive,
A chance to stay.

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  1. Passando e deixado-te um doce bjo gotico milayd, grato sempre por tuas visitas e comentarios !!!