quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2012

...Just Compositions! (09)

"Davy Jones and Calypso"*

She is abdicating her powers,
Singing in the dark for love,
The reaper brought you flowers,
Now she's not singing anymore.

I am still bounded in my bones,
Staring at the world with blame,
You can't hold on,
You have nothing to gain.

You locked your painful heart,
Buried your chest of sins,
The suffer has been too much
If you believe in the betrayal.

I don't wish to destroy your faith,
Now you have me down on my knees,
Spending one day on land
And ten years on the sea.

He became the fear,
She became the mystery,
The dawn will bring the rest,
The dusk will bring the green flash.

I see tomorrow,
A presence is all i need,
Escape from the beast
Is all you seek.
A touch of destiny.

Release the goddess,
It all is out of control,
You have to forgive,
Let it go.
All of these years
She has been away from you.

Now she cries out for justice,
Carrying the wrath of her love,
The sailor is begging for forgiveness,
All he wants is stay with her
Forever more.

*Esse poema foi inspirado no filme "Piratas do Caribe: No Fim do Mundo."(e espero que eu consiga gravar em música algun dia! =D)

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  1. Oi Lady!
    O que está esperando garota? X-1999 é uma ob ra que valer muito á pena ser vista! Mas o mangá é incompleto..o anime tomou um rumo diferentep ara ter um final mas vale á pena ver também1 Claro que o mangá é bemmais denso e trágico!

  2. Bom receber tuas visitas e comentarios,doce milady, é bom que sempre venho agradeçer e ao abir a pagina escutar essa épica da banda Épica bah \m/
    Até breve, bjo doce !!!